Hi everyone my name is Jamie and this is my story about living PCOS and trying to conceive.

A little back story, my first signs of PCOS were at the age of 13. My mom rushed me to the hospital thinking my appendix was bursting only to find out that I had developed cysts on my both of my ovaries causing me great pain and irregular periods. Through my teen years I was told that my irregular periods were due to my activity level and that it would even out as I got older. Of course that was not the case.

I was finally diagnosed with PCOS 3 years ago. I married my boyfriend of 5 years last October and now we have decided that we want to start our family. So the search for a doctor ensued. We finally decided to see Dr. Haas in Oklahoma City. We had our first visit on Jan 26th. I was given an ultrasound and blood work was done.

I was started on Metformin, Prenatal vitamins, Provera (7days), and dex(a something I can’t remember how to say it). I had not had a period since 10/08 so I was unsure how well the Provera would work for me. 3 days after I ended the Provera regiment I started! I then started taking my Basal temp reading every morning before I get out of bed. My next appt with Dr. Haas is March 1st.

I am very pleased with Dr. Haas and do recommend him to anyone woman trying to conceive with PCOS. His office personnel is very nice. My nurse Monica always makes herself available to answer my questions. Even my husband (who generally doesn’t like Drs) likes Dr. Haas. Dr. Haas also makes the process very comfortable for the men (seman analysis). I will try and post an update once a week and for all of my Dr. Appts. Good luck everyone!

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