Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

Adolescent years are hard enough dealing with becoming a teenager, peer pressure, parental figures, and life itself. Being the first one in your “group” of peers to get your menstrual cycle was even worse at the young age of 13. The years to come were harder than anyone could have expected.

In 1992, I was your average 13 year old. I was actively involved in sports, band, church, work, and family. I was the tallest girl in the seventh grade class and not a bit overweight. Then my whole life was turned upside down when I entered the life of womanhood.

I was at school when I first started my menstrual cycle. Having to go to the school nurse and get a maxi pad is so humiliating. After that day, I had several problems with my menstrual cycle. I thought I was to young to get my menstrual cycle, but I was wrong. My menstrual cycle was very abnormal the first time it came to my body.

I suffered from very heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, bad cramping, harsh lower back pain, and infrequent menstrual cycles. The excess hair started to show also. First, the sideburns became very noticeable and then, the mustache and little dark coarse hairs throughout my face and body.

The first appointment I had, the doctors were a little concerned so they ordered an ultrasound. The word ultrasound was mentioned and the first thing that came to my mind was being pregnant. I never had sexual intercourse before so I knew it was something else. When the ultrasound was performed the doctors discovered large masses on my ovaries. I went in for ultrasounds every month for several months. The next time I went the doctors said that the masses were cysts and the cysts would go away by themselves.

I went on taking the birth control pill as prescribed by the doctor. I had my yearly OBGYN checkups and everything came back normal. When I began the journey into high school I began to gain weight. I was not eating more or exercising any less then I was before. I was still actively involved in sports. The fall of 1996 I decided not to play sports because my weight was getting way out of control. The doctors told us that it was caused by the birth control pill.

When I became sexually active at times during intercourse, it was so painful that we would have to stop. This continued to happen throughout my entire life and is still a factor at times. I continued to wonder if it was not endometriosis because that is what my mother was diagnosed with. When I mentioned that to the doctor I was checked for the disorder was told I did not have it and everything looks great except my weight gain.

I stopped taking the birth control pill thinking that would help me lose some of the excess weight that I was carrying. I did not loss any of the weight but my periods became abnormal again. I did not think it was anything to worry about because I was told that my cysts might affect this. Therefore, I assumed that it was the cysts again. My menstrual cycle came and went whenever it wanted. Sometimes I would have it for weeks at times other times it would only last for a couple days. At this time in my life, I began to accept that I am never going to be normal and I would need to learn how to deal with it.

In October of 2001, I was having terrible side and abdominal pain. I figured was getting my menstrual cycle and thought nothing of it. The pain went on for several weeks until I could not handle it anymore and went into the emergency room on a Sunday morning, while I was at my parent’s house. At the hospital, I was given a UI. The doctor told me that I had kidney stones to drink a gallon and a half of water a day.

The following morning, when I returned home, the pain was not getting any better and felt a lot stronger. Tuesday night came and I could not take the pain any longer. I went into the emergency room again. I was given shot of Demurral for the pain. I advised the doctor that I was told it was kidney stones.

The doctor order a blood test and urine test and told me I may be going in for a cat scan to see where the stones were at. I was in the Emergency Room all night into the early morning when the doctor came back and told me I was pregnant. During the ultrasound, the doctor noticed that there was no sign of a baby in my cervix. The doctor advised me it might be an ectopical pregnancy and advised me to see an OBGYN within 24-48 hours.

Later that mourning I called the OBGYN and was told to come in right away. The OBGYN was upset at the pain pills prescribed by the emergency room physician. I had another ultrasound with the OBGYN and he confirmed that it was an ectopical pregnancy. I was upset and hurt and did not have anyone to turn too.

I was afraid to tell my mom and my boyfriend was being a real jerk about it and did not believe it was his. I went through the pain and suffering of losing a child all on my own. It made me a stronger person inside and out. The doctor said me being obese might have caused it. I thought who are you to judge me losing my baby just because I am obese. I was due for a check up until October of 2002. I was given the birth control shot of Depovera.

In March of 2002, I met the man of my dreams. Many people say meeting people on the Internet is over rated and so on. We talked many long nights about our families, life, and the future. We exchanged pictures and letters for several months. In May of 2002, he came to visit me in South Dakota. We had talked about marriage and being together in the future for a long time. He was going to make the move to South Dakota when I told him I was not going to make him quit his high paying job just for me. When he left a part of me left with him. We were actively trying to get pregnant when he came to see me.

In June of 2002, I began to spot a little and thought this is weird. I have not had my menstrual cycle for several months and then now I am spotting?? So, being uncertain with my regular OBGYN I spoke with some girls at my work and they advised me to go see there OBGYN because she was very nice and sure she could help. I made an appointment to go and see her later that week.

During that week at work, we were reading old magazines and I came across an article about PCOS in I believe it was Cosmo. I thought to myself wow this sounds exactly what I have had for my whole life. At my appointment, I was given a pregnancy test and it was negative. I went in for my exam and she said that everything looked good and my cervix looks healthy.

I mentioned to her about the article I had read and my past. She said that she would be more than happy to test me for PCOS. I went down to the lab where they withdrew the blood. Two days later, she calls back and says that I have PCOS. I went and discussed fertility options and chances of not ever being able to conceive. She in turn put me on Glucophage to try to lower the insulin levels and help me loss weight. She also put me on Medroxypr for the first ten days of the next three months.

I am still learning how to cope with this disorder and the side affects of the medicine. I have 2 younger sisters and one of them I am certain has PCOS also because of her being diagnosed with high blood pressure when she is as healthy as a super model on the outside and does not eat salty or fatty foods. My mom also has a large dark spot on her leg the doctors did a biopsy of and said it was this really big word that I can’t even remember how to spell until I see it on the web site and thought I need to call my mom and tell her she may has PCOS along with her endometriosis. My mom is now looking at your website and other links to help her better understand the disorder that she may have. We do not have health insurance so my mom is afraid to go and be tested for it.

This is my story and I hope it helps you out. There are things I left out to try to give you the general idea of how I learned I have PCOS. I am now living in South Carolina with the man of my dreams. He understands my mood swings and headaches and he is here for me through everything I am challenged with.

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