Diagnosed in Aug 2003, just after getting married in July, I was devastated at having PCOS and of course the idea that I may not be able to have kids.

At the beginning of a fairy tale wedding and relationship, I thought my life was done. I entered therapy, looking deeply at the issues in my life. Coming from a severly disfunctional family, I often turned to food for comfort, thereby gaining weight as a means of protection from my life. Coming to terms with my life decisions, I began to honor myself in a different way.

I worked diligently and moved up in my job.

I worked to love my husband, to create open communication, and to heal the wounds from my family’s chaos. I found it ironic that as I entered therapy for PCOS, the rest of my life began to evolve into the life I always thought I could never have.

I have had to work with diligence to create the intimacy in my life–both in relationships, with a higher power, and within my belief in myself.

PCOS was a tremendous gift for me–an opportunity to look at all parts of my life. After a long year of trying (and having fun doing it), a friend told me a wonderful story about how a toddler had insisted that he was an angel before he was born, and that he remebered flying around in the heavens above, ready to pick his parents. Upon hearing this story, my husband and I prayed every day that our baby would pick us.

It is now 1 1/2 years later, and I stand here celebrating my 5 month old son.

I remember signing into this site, feeling lost and alone. Thank you to all the women that picked me up, and thank you to my husband and my baby boy for loving all of me (even the left over baby weight) and thanks to God for PCOS as my wonderful gift given to me as an opportunity to examine my life. I am a much richer person for it.

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