So, I guess, here goes my story…

It all started when I was 11 years old. It was a regular day, but the appointment was because I had started my period and I was having bad crampc (I actually started my irregular cycle when I was 9). A few days later they needed me to come back in for blood tests.

My doc at the time said I had an unusual amount of free floating testosterone in my blood stream and they wanted to do a few more blood tests. Like 7 vials later, they had scheduled an ultrasound for me at a different Group Health. They said my ovaries were fine and sent me back. Doc looked at the test results and put me on BCP’s to “help things along.”

Fast forward several years of starting and stopping BCP’s, horrible cramps, 7-8 day long bleeding, pyschotic PMS symptoms, gaining a rediculous amount of weight with no answer in sight, irregular/non exsistant periods and diets that went horribly wrong.

I started getting a few chin hairs here and there in high school but I figured it was because of the testosterone and thought nothing of it and just plucked the few hairs I did have.

About a year and a half ago, or maybe two years now, I lost 60lbs in a matter of 5 months with no help with nothing. My mom took me to the doc’s once again becuse she thought I was on Speed or something to loose the weight. The doc’s didn’t find anything wrong there.

After I had found out I was preggo and after the miscarriage, I started gaining the weight back. I was enrolled at Curves where I saw tiny mericles(sp?) but I was still gaining.

I went through 3 doctors asking WTF is going with me. One just kept on saying that I wasn’t trying hard enough; another said that I need to “accept” the way I look and he prescribed me antidepressants. The final doctor (and my current doctor) asked me to tell her what my puberty was like and such. She said that I had PCOS and put on Metformin that day and said that since my hubby and I are TTC, the Metformin should help.

Well, 3 months later with countless BFN HPT, still no period. But, I’m not giving up hope!!!

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