I just wanted to share my story and give some hope to those ladies with PCOS who are TTC.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15, after my cycles stopped completely after 4 years of total regularity. My doctor told me I would probably never be able to have kids and I spent years trying to accept that fact, since I love kids and always knew I wanted at least two.

I spent the next 10 years only having cycles when I took birth control pills. Then I met my fiancee and he was so sure that I could get pregnant. I thought he was just in denial But he was very encouraging and we ended up TTC anyway. In the three years after that I probably only had my period like 5 times. So, it was pretty hard to try to guess when I was ovulating….

But I had noticed in the past (and had read something somewhere) that losing even a little bit of weight (like 10 pounds) seem to bring my cycles back. So last Fall I lost about 15 pounds (just eating a bit healthier than I had been and walking a bit) and I obviously ovulated! So, we took advantage of that and ta da! next thing I knew I had a positive test! I was so shocked, after all the negatives I had gotten, I was sure it was going to be negative again. But there was a plus sign!.

Once I accepted the fact that I WAS actually pregnant, I had all sorts of worries about carrying it to term and having a healthy baby… I read all sorts of things about the high miscarriage rate, etc.. But I ended up having a great pregnancy and ended up with a beautiful, totally healthy little girl!

I definitely think that the weight loss was what helped. And now that I’ve been pregnant, my hormones seem to have leveled out a bit and I’ve had a couple of regular cycles in a row.

I just want everyone to know that there IS hope… PCOS is NOT a death-sentence for your fertility. I hope my story can give someone the courage to keep trying. And I wish everyone the best of luck in getting their little bundle of joy.

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