Recently Diagnosed

I just went to my yearly gyno appt last week. I hadn’t had a period since January so I let my dr know that I was concerned. I have never had a regular cycle…unless I have been on bc, which I have been the last few times I’ve met with my dr. He said it might be PCOS so he told me many of the other symptoms (acne, hair growth, weight gain, etc), I realized that I had most of them. He prescribed Prometrium to get my cycle going (which it started today!).

I was very scared at first, but the very same week that I was diagnosed, I starting working with a personal trainer who happen to put me on a low carb/low sugar/low GI diet (wow, wouldn’t you know it that taht is what I would need!) God is good!

I am not sure how often I ovulate because I obviously did it once because I have a four year daughter. In April 2004, I got my first period after six months of not having one and told my husband that we should try because we won’t know when I’ll have another one…I got pregnant that month! Blessing!!

So, basically, I am here to get support from others and learn how to live with this and maybe make a few friends.

thanks for reading

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