Well Ladies, here I am, just another Redneck Princess living out in the boonies and trying to make me way in the world. Now, if things had played themselves out according to the “Hick Girl” way of life, I’d be on “chitlin” number 5 by now. But, alas, I’ve been given too many Copenhagen cans and not enough Tampax boxes. Poor little old me…

Okay…let me get away from my redneck cliches and tell the story..

I married at 19 to a great man who took care of me in a lot of ways. After 3 years of unprotected sex, we knew something was up. My gyno cran through the miriad of tests and finally I was diagnosed. Let me tell you, the vaginal ultrasound definitely left me feeling violated!

I tried clomid for 5 cycles and ovulated twice, but no BFP for me. I became so obsessed with losing weight that I actually dove into 4-6 hours daily of exercise and bulimia. Sure I lost weight, but now I’m losing my teeth too. Not worth it. I also took met but ended up having to quit when the insurance decided to quit covering it. I tried a variety of herbal treatments, but nothing worked for me. Now, I take that as a blessing.

Fast forward to now, I am divorced and remarried. How I thought at 19 that I was ready to be married and that money was enough is beyond me… Now I’m broke, but blissfully happy I have two great stepsons and a furbaby dog named Bella. I’m fat, hairy and am finally somewhat okay with that. Oh, and I work in a daycare, so how is that for a little bit of masochism?

Currently I am on Met – 2000mg a day. I’m ovulating each cycle on day 16, but haven’t yet concieved. I added soy this past cycle, but did it late (too late I’m thinking) on day 7-11, I am currently on day 14 and no O, but my preseed just arrived and we’re in for a big snowstorm so at the very least, it’ll be lots of fun ttc!

I’ve been observing a lot and you are all some great girls (and guys)! I look forward to leaning on your shoulders and hopefully providing one for someone.



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