I am not new to the site, but returning after several years.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in Septmber of 2002. Shortly after I joined this site. After 2 failed attempts with Chlomid, we moved on to injections. After a couple cycles I had a bfp in Feb of 2003, but lost the baby a couple of weeks later. There was no heartbeat at ultrasound. We were devastated.

Then my last cycle before we would move on to IVF, I got pregnant in June of 2003 and had my amazing son in Feb of 2004. We had pretty much thrown in the towel on that cycle. On Wed they saw a follie and on Friday it was gone. They said that either my body had reabsorbed it or that I had ovulated on my own.

So we figured on to IVF. Little did we know that God had other plans. We are truly blessed. As he gets older (now 4) I find my desire to have more chidren growing. My insurance changed 1 month before my ds was born and I no longer have infertility coverage. I know how lucky I was to have it before.

My reg OB/GYN said that even though Chlomid did not work for me before that it may now. He said that after af (induced if necessary) I would take Chlomid. Then he would do a blood test to see if I ovulated or not. We are weighing our options. We don’t want to wait too much longer. Thanks for reading my story. Good luck to all!

Want to connect with me? My name is tazz on the SoulCysters Message Board.