I have lived with Pcos for at least 16 yrs and consider myself blessed with my children. I have been on Metformin for 14 months and the change has been great as my periods became regular and l have lost 20lbs still go 25lbs to go.

But this month l have ended up admitted to hospital with what they thought was my appendix only for it to be a large csyt that had burst. On the scan they have discovered that my left ovary is un effected by csyts, has anone else found this ? My hubby and l have discussed the fact that l may have to have the ovary removed, l am worried that it may not work.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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  • I had a similar situation. The cysts were getting out of control. At one point the ultrasound showed a cyst the size of an orange.
    I also was fortunate enough to have children and was 40 when I decided to have the hysterectomy. They removed my uterus and the one cyst that was causing problems. I still have one ovary that controls my hormones (not well) but I no longer get a period so that part is amazing.
    My doctor told me that it’s possible that the remaining ovary will produce cysts. However, she has had patients that have gone on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies and children with the single remaining ovary. Removing the problematic ovary will not “cure” your PCOS. I still have the same PCOS symptoms as in the past but I haven’t had the horribly painful cysts since (knock on wood).
    I hope that helps. Good luck with this horrible disease. I struggle daily with it too but knowledge is power.

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