PCOS Story

  • IR and Hypoglycemia / PCOS ?

    Hi my name is Beth and I was diagnosed with PCOS way back in 1998. Actually, it seems so long ago that I’ll try to remember as much as I can. My DH and I decided to try for a baby so I stopped taking the BCP in 1998 and I didn’t even get a […]

  • 32 and Ready To Re-start My Fght With PCOS

    Hello, I’m a new poster but I’ve been an on and off lurker for a long time. I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in 1997, when I was 21, but I had been exhibiting symptoms since at least age 15. I never experienced regular periods, and have carried weight around my middle since puberty as […]

  • Got PCOS ? Don’t Worry.. There Is Hope!

    Hello everyone. I wanted to tell my story in hopes that it will lighten someone load and let you know that there is hope. My journey started when I was 17. At that age I still had never gotten a period. I thought that was cool since I saw how it made my friends feel. […]