PCOS Story

  • Anybody Else ‘Slender PCOS’ With Bad Acne

    Hi, Im 20 years old and was diagnosed last month after visiting my GP because I hadn’t had a period for 6 months after coming off dianette, which i was taking for acne. im 5’8 and 8st 6lbs so have no problem with my weight. Is there anyone with similar symptoms as most treatment seems […]

  • Just Under 18 and Diagnosed With PCOS

    hiya, my name’s Amanda and just this wednesday i was diagnosed with PCOS, i suppose it explains my excess hair growth lol and according to my doctor im Insulin resistant so she wants me to start Metformin and possibly Yaz too, im kind of… well conserned, not exactly scared, when they told me that infertility […]

  • A Redneck Princess Battles PCOS

    Well Ladies, here I am, just another Redneck Princess living out in the boonies and trying to make me way in the world. Now, if things had played themselves out according to the “Hick Girl” way of life, I’d be on “chitlin” number 5 by now. But, alas, I’ve been given too many Copenhagen cans […]