PCOS Story

  • Struggling To Find the Joy In Life With PCOS

    Hi guys!! My story is alot like many of yours, but i feel as if i need to write it to get it out my system. You see i am a very private person and nobody apart from my mum and sister no of my problems. I often feel isolated and feel i don’t have […]

  • This PCOS Story Should Be Familiar To You

    I feel like my story is very similar to most everyone else’s I’ve read here; however, I thought I write it out (maybe more for myself than anyone else). I felt that even before I began trying to conceive there would be problems. When I thought about having children, there always seemed to be something […]

  • Do I Have PCOS?

    I know you guys must be saying what am I doing here if im not sure if I have PCOS but I have irregular periods since I was 15 and now I am 18 my periods started to become irregular since I started to masturbate anyway I went to a gyno last year for my […]