I’m a 26 year old wife, mother of an only child, and nurse. I was just diagnosed this week with PCOS and am ready to get this under control!

I came home from the doctor that day and looked at my husband and said, “honey, how does it feel to be married to a bearded, overweight, infertile woman?” Thank God for his patience. Thank God for my sense of humor! Not to make light of the situation, I did my research and found out how involved this really is.

I have no choice now but to get this weight under control. I have no clue how to do it! I was referred to weight watchers by my ob/gyn however have tried this route in the past and have been unsuccessful (my own fault of course).

If anyone has advice on weight control, facial hair growth (and termination) or anything else, please please reply! Thanks for your time!

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