I was diagnosed with PCOS in college and I had no idea what that meant. I wasn’t trying to conceive, I was worlds away from kids, and, honestly, all I knew was having PCOS meant I only had a period four or five times a year. Score! My friends were totally jealous.

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Years have passed since then. I am married now and I want to have a baby. A year and a half ago we found out I was pregnant and we were so excited. It was a complete shock. We miscarried a week later. It was devastating.

We regrouped. Me moved on. We tried three rounds of Clomid and while it made me ovulate, we did not get pregnant. PLUS the clomid made me feel nutso!

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I took a little break and , suprise!, October of last year we found out we were pregnant again. Man, we were scared. We went for an ultrasound and there was our little bean with a heartbeat. We went back a week later and the little guy had grown. We exhaled, for a second. The next week we went back for another ultrasound. The bean was no longer. Heartbreak city.

We’ve had a few months now to regroup and grow stronger. It’s a terrible situation that neither one of us imagined as part of our life but it is. It is a defining part of our lives.

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I started Metformin today in hopes of regulating my cycle and we are thinking of trying an IUI in August of this year. It takes a lot of gumption to attempt to try again and honestly, it takes months to build it up.

So, here I am. Reading the posts of ladies like me. Thank you for sharing and thanks for reading!

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