Hi cysters! My name is Mandi, let me start with a quick history.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 03. It took us 2 long hard years of careful planning, exact preperations, but we finally we able to concieve naturally!! We were blessed with a beautiful 9lb baby girl in Feb of 06.

During that pregnancy, I had surgery at 18 weeks to remove a cyst on my right ovary the size of a basketball. I know right! It looked like I was 6 months pregnant at 6 weeks!

They extracted most of my right ovary, and as I had a c-section, they noticed a golf ball size cyst on my left ovary, so they removed it and a little part of my left ovary. I was ok’d for future pregnancies, but he told me it was going to be hard Now not only am I managing PCOS, but now I’m only working with so much of my ovaries

After we had our DD, we tried that whole first year for a success story. I was charting, temping, OPK’ing, etc. Nothing. So we decided that if it was meant to be, it would be and we stopped focusing so hard on it.

It’s now been almost 4 years since our daughter was born, and I so so so so long to have a growing family.

I was FAITHFUL to baby centers TTC forums for nearly 5 years, but then lost interest.

I come here now with a little heads up. I had been sick this month with a sinus infection, and took lots of Robutussin and amoxicillin. I could actually feel myself ovulate with some EWCM.

You can bet I had DH in the sack IMMEDIATELY!!

With my DD, I remember AF cramping as soon as ovulation was over, and the feeling that I started my period all the time. I constantly rushed to the bathroom thinking “anytime now”.

We BD’s 2 days prior to O, and 3 times on O, and the next morning I awoke with the weirdest fullness in my lower abdomen. I’ve been having AF cramps since and the only other time I experianced this was when I was pregnant.

I’m SO blessed to have actually had a REAL cycle this month!!! My cycles are soooo insane. Sometimes I go up to 4 months without AF and sometimes I go every 2 weeks. My PCOS has really discouraged my fertility.

I have had my hopes shot MANY times, so I decided not to let it get to my head. However, I’m 6dop right now and my cramping is so low in my pelvic region and it’s extremely noticible. (I don’t cramp with AF, just get a headache.)

We’ve decided if this month is a bust, we’re going to actively pursue TTC again, but I’m hoping that I can post a success story in 2 weeks
Good luck to all of you and kudos for your courage! TTC takes a lot out of a woman with PCOS and I congratulate all of you who work so hard!!

Want to connect with me? My name is MandisGrowingFamily on the SoulCysters Message Board.