I feel like my story is very similar to most everyone else’s I’ve read here; however, I thought I write it out (maybe more for myself than anyone else).

I felt that even before I began trying to conceive there would be problems. When I thought about having children, there always seemed to be something dark (for lack of a better word) that hung in my brain over the thought.

So when my husband and I got married last January and immediately started trying, I was not surprised to have gone 10 months with no success. I KNEW something wasn’t right but was convinced not to see a doctor by everyone I talked to about my concerns. I always heard: “There is nothing wrong. You haven’t been trying long enough. You’re stressing yourself out and you’re impatient.”

I eventually did go see a doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS as well as a thyroid problem about a month ago. All of the sudden the heavy, irregular periods, the facial/body hair, the acne, and the infertility all made sense. I was happy to finally KNOW what was going on, but now I’m left trying to deal.

Sometimes I feel hopeless, aggravated, resentful and angry (which I usually end up feeling like a bad person for), impatient, down, worried, and every other negative feeling imaginable. But slowly (VERY slowly), I’m starting to learn to focus on what I have instead what I’m lacking. The longer I process my thoughts dealing with PCOS the more positive and optimistic I am.

I am happy to know that there are people who have succeeded in several different aspects of their life where PCOS is a concern. I hope that this all works out. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction, and everyone around me is learning to be more sensitive to my struggles.

Wish me luck!

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