I am now 23 years old. Have been diagnosed with PCOS 14 years now. Been medication free for the past year and half and nothing was helping.

Was on Dinette, then moved onto Yasmin.

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Both forms of contraceptive had an affect on me for 6 months then the results faded away gradually back to no signs of and bleeding just the pains. Was told to come off them and stay away to see if it would kick start anything. Was put on Metformin to help with the weight loss and whatever was meant to do… But nothing! So was told to come off of them.

I did loose 4 stone with 3 months 2 years agai which has been stable and gradually loosing more wright. ( Clothing size used to be 22-24, and now I’m a near enough happy 16-18. Still more to loose!! It took a few months for things to settle down. Since recently coming out to my parents that I’m gay..

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A lot of stress and pressure has been lifted off my shoulders.

In November 2012 my periods came back naturally. They lasted for a few months until in January they had disappeared again. But I’m pleased to say since that since around May 2013 they have come back and are also regular!!

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Want to connect with me? My name is Wishez on the SoulCysters Message Board.