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A Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis can cause stress in so many different ways.  Here at SoulCysters, we believe it doesn’t have to. Let us show you how to achieve real results when you leave your limitations at the door.

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Inside your FREE PCOS & Vitamin D guide, we’ll talk you through one of the biggest missing pieces of the PCOS puzzle for women just like you.


We’re a community of like-minded women passionately committed to making a difference in every way, shape and form. Our belief is that anyone can live free from the stress and anxiety of PCOS by introducing simple, sustainable shifts in everything from diet and lifestyle to mindset and sense of self.

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PCOS Meal Plans & Recipes

Simple Natural Shifts

Discover new ways to think about the nurturing world of nutrition as we guide you through how to work with your body — not against it — for the very first time.

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PCOS Podcast

Giving You A Voice

Dive deep into issues, ideas and key insights that will shine a light on your path, provide hope and show you there’s always a better way to live.

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Food is your fuel, your healer and a unique way to set yourself free. Unsure how to unravel the mysteries that link PCOS and your diet? We’re here to help illuminate your path, one step at a time. Everything is gluten-free, sugar-free and guilt-free so you can enjoy your journey from beginning to end.

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About Us

Welcome to Soul Cysters!

From humble beginnings in 1998, to the present day as the largest online community for women with PCOS, our journey has been unique. And because we celebrate everything that makes you who you are, we know exactly what the journey means to you too.

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We exist to lift the shadow caused by PCOS by displacing the uncertainty and demystifying the symptoms. It’s all part of our passion for allowing you to come out the other side brighter, stronger and ready to embrace life for everything it can be. Once you do that, you’ll experience a mindset shift that means PCOS will never hold you back in life again.

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Living Like A Soul Cyster Begins Right Now…

We’re by your side as you get to know your body inside and out so that when it’s time to deliver shifts in your life, you understand the signals the body is sending out. Follow the path, trust the process and emerge stronger than ever before.

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A few brave words from women just like you…

“When I was lost and low, I always knew there was a community ready to lift me up and carry me on their shoulders. Thank you so much for the new lease of life and ray of hope you’ve given me!”.

– Sara B. Dx’d PCOS 2012

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We give your journey a voice…

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